12 April 2013

Treading Softly: a documentary short

by David Clark Moore

I recently reviewed this documentary put together by myself and several college friends during a 3 and a half week visit to Uganda. We wanted to share about grassroots development and how to 'help' as a Westerner in the midst of HIV/AIDS, poverty and street children. We found we were improperly equipped even after talking with experts and reading many books prior to our trip. Our goal was to help others see a new perspective. This film offers a surprising approach and hopefully will inspire your work internationally and in your local community.

Cycles of poverty

The Trans-African highway moves through Busia, a border town on the Ugandan and Kenyan border. Busia is like few places in Africa. It houses twice the average amount of street orphans and prostitutes causing a cycle of poverty many can't exit without community support. Meet USAID workers, prostitutes, orphanage directors, school teachers, local and national government representatives, mothers, orphans and church leaders on their real thoughts behind forces affecting Busia, HIV/AIDS and poverty.

Thanks for watching!


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