19 February 2013

Spotify - human centered story

by David Clark Moore

If you've been to the Spotify homepage recently, you've seen a brilliant moment of marketing engineering. A showcase of where tech meets the core of human experience. The power of this marketing campaign is in its visuals. It transports the viewer and associates music with the scenes many can identify as their own experience.

Choosing not to leverage the 'thinking' approach to marketing by listing features and benefits of the service, they are tapping into a core belief that music is transporting. Music is a drug, a therapy for other disjointed noise in life. All at the same time, they are framing the discussion in the context of their brand.

Spotify screenshot

'Music for every moment' is a visually stunning montage of scenes -international and local. There are scenes of a fisherman, others of a couple relaxing together, a pick up game of basketball, a pink sky with birds flying, even a crab crawling on a beach. These are visual artifacts designed to trigger nostalgia in the viewer. They are catalysts for a day dream of the best moments, safe moments.

By tying the omnipresence of their platform into the visuals, the viewer is tapped in the 'limbic' portion of the brain. Simon Sinek can tell you more about this in his TED talk. This type of messaging moves you. It wil move you to dream with the music; Dream with music provided by Spotify.

When building software products, I feel it is important to keep this branding example in mind. Marketing isn't strictly the package, the flyers, the ads, marketing is the entire experience.

The small things in a web application, a mobile product, a messaging solution, the navigation interface in a car, or even the b2b eCommerce tool, frame the user's experience. We must look to reach this level of communication by providing an experience. Even the most simple web form or data entry task can be made better and can include a 'voice' aligning with the user's emotional 'limbic' brain.

Not everything about Spotify is this polished, but that will have to be saved for another post.


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