26 Jul 2013

A Truth About User Experience

It starts with people Many people I've met love user experience design. They love it because it wraps reasons around design decisions and helps take out the feeling of "well it just looks better there". It helps defend a design. The issue I've experienced is that many are drawn to UX because they… Read more >

12 Apr 2013

Treading Softly: a documentary short

I recently reviewed this documentary put together by myself and several college friends during a 3 and a half week visit to Uganda. We wanted to share about grassroots development and how to 'help' as a Westerner in the midst of HIV/AIDS, poverty and street children. We found we were improperly… Read more >

19 Feb 2013

Spotify - human centered story

If you've been to the Spotify homepage recently, you've seen a brilliant moment of marketing engineering. A showcase of where tech meets the core of human experience. The power of this marketing campaign is in its visuals. It transports the viewer and associates music with the scenes many can… Read more >

16 Feb 2013

Meet the age of the 8 ounce bookbag

This is a look at the 'new' student and how digital textbooks are affecting education and not doing enough. Students, since 2011 or so, only need a Mac Book Air or a Chromebook and they're in business. Boom, all 2,643 pages across three textbooks are always with them - at the ready. It's beautiful… Read more >